7 Best Press Release Distribution Services

7 Best Press Release Distribution Services

Savannah Burns
Savannah Burns
7 Best Press Release Distribution Services

When a company is tasked with making a public announcement or releasing a PR statement, newswire services are friends to both time and efficiency. While distributing news through a wire service rarely equates to getting third party press coverage, there’s still value in terms of reach and visibility. 

In recent years, the use of newswire services has somewhat diminished, but not because of importance or usefulness. Rather, a combination of fewer journalists and increasing competition from other media outlets has led many companies to forgo using a newswire service. And, if we’re being honest, it can sometimes feel like you are sending your news into the abyss.

Nonetheless, there are some situations when using a wire service makes sense, such as when you want to direct the attention of journalists to a timely announcement about a major story opportunity (think: startup funding or product launch). If you want a reliable way to get press releases in front of media outlets, these trusted newswire and press release distribution services are the way to go.

Business Wire

Since 1961, Business Wire has dedicated themselves to being a trusted news source for companies, journalists, news organizations and more. With almost 80 years of experience under their belt, they have a top-notch editorial team and connections across 160 countries. Business Wire can be an advantageous resource from designing to distributing a press release. With over 100,000 media outlet connections, there’s a good chance your story will be spotted. 

PR Newswire

Powered by Cision, PR Newswire offers media monitoring, multimedia content distribution, press release distribution, media measurements and analytics. Their most recent product, the Cision Communications Cloud is a unified platform that enables users to execute PR campaigns, target the right media and engage with a personalized outreach while also measuring and monitoring your brand. 

Globe Newswire

Globe Newswire’s service is designed to help increase company exposure, measure results, and bolster brand awareness. Like the name suggests, Globe Newswire has media connections across the world. You can select which audiences you want to distribute to, whether it is in the US, Canada, Europe, or an international mix. 


The Raleigh-based wire company prides itself on having over 200,000 articles published, more than 100 million engaged clicks, and 3,000 distribution points across 15 countries. From press release distribution to their compliance platform, Accesswire has everything needed to succeed when it comes to distributing news.  


Newswire offers a variety of products including press release distribution, a media database, media watch, analytics, a media room, customer success services, and an earned media advantage guided tour. In addition, Newswire has been reported to have excellent customer service along with ease of use. There are four packages offered, with the first starting at $199. 


PRWeb, also powered by Cision, gives you the tools to create your story, the network to distribute it, and the analytics to measure online impact. Though PR web is not a true newswire service but rather a press release distribution tool, it can still be useful when you need to get your news out there. PRWeb offers three different packages: Basic, Standard, and Advanced–all of which are tailored to different communication objectives. Basic helps a company get their name out there, Standard assists with driving business, and Advanced helps attract media attention.


Also not a true newswire service but rather an affordable writing service and press distribution service is Send2Press, with prices starting at $89. Send2Press has been a helpful press release writing service since 1983 and offers free proofreading and editing for small businesses. Send2Press distributes press releases to print, TV, radio, and social media.

About Savannah Burns: Savannah is a marketing and communications intern for Swyft, which is a PR firm in Austin and Houston and a top digital marketing agency in Denver since its founding in 2011. Swyft recently opened a satellite office where it offers PR in San Francisco.

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