How the Denver Broncos Use Online Platforms to Engage and Entertain their Fans

How the Denver Broncos Use Online Platforms to Engage and Entertain their Fans

How the Denver Broncos Use Online Platforms...

There are over 71 million results when you Google “Denver Broncos.” Not surprisingly, a lot of that content ends up getting created by the communications professionals who work for the ‘Mile-High’ team.

So how do those busy communications professional of the 2015 Super Bowl champs share the latest news and information about their team? By flooding the internet with fun, informational and entertaining content!

Through the team’s active posting on social media and an extensive website, the Broncos have enough content to keep even the most avid fans occupied for hours, if not days. Here is a sampling of the content platforms used to engage with the team’s fan base on a regular basis:

Social Media

In today’s social media-centric world, it’s practically impossible to create a strong brand presence without using social media. The Broncos have an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Across their channels, the team posts multiple times a day with a focus on their players, the upcoming schedule and past games.


The Broncos’ 2.64 million Twitter followers sometimes get dozens of posts per day on their timeline from their favorite football team. Focusing on images, GIFs, and shared articles, @Broncos keep their fans up to date on training, fan contests, player highlights, and community events, all while supporting other Denver teams, and promoting their charitable work.


The Broncos’ largest audience is on Facebook, with over 4.2 million likes. Facebook appears to be the culmination of all Broncos content. Their videos regularly get tens of thousands of views, and they have upwards of 8 thousand images and dozens of photo albums. The Broncos also utilize Facebook to promote events they’re hosting. Some of their most attended events include a charity tailgate, and Halloween Trick-or-Treating event (both happening at Broncos Stadium).


The Broncos use Instagram to send their 1.1 million followers similar content. Often posting multiple times a day, the team’s Instagram feed features birthday posts for their players, action shots on the field, support for other Denver sports teams, information on upcoming games, and images of practices. The posts rack up thousands of likes within an hour and get fans talking in the comment section.

Broncos Website houses everything fans could ever need to know about their favorite team. There are thousands of articles living on the Broncos official website, including daily articles entitled “Broncos Briefly”. This series features brief summaries of Broncos current events. The website is also home to a surplus of other content including videos, podcasts, images, and more.


The team’s video content includes player highlights, press conferences, cheerleader spotlights, and much more. Some of their most viewed videos come from a series called Broncos Connected. Hosted by former ESPN reporter Bob Holtzman, Broncos Connected is a monthly show that brings fans on the field with their favorite players, behind-the-scenes of training, and back-in-time to relive some of the greatest Broncos moments of all time.


The Broncos photography team stays busy with the number of images posted to their website’s gallery. Their image library includes albums of practices, game photos, player histories, Bronco events, and tons of other content. Some of their most recent photos include off-season training and recent cheerleader auditions. Each image on their site includes a specific caption and links to share the image on Facebook and Twitter.


On the audio front, the Broncos have two official podcasts: The Audio Zone and Horsin’ Around. Another series hosted on the Broncos official site is Orange & Blue Daily. Orange & Blue Daily is a Monday-Friday 30 minute radio show that dissects all-things Broncos. The show can also be heard on KTVD, a local Denver radio station.

The massive amounts of content that the Broncos brand creates helps them actively engage their fan base and create new ways to entertain. Although there are numerous other news outlets covering the Denver Broncos, these outlets must also cover other sports teams, and/or non-sports related news. This has allowed the Broncos more space to fill the internet with carefully crafted content.

About Eddie Fitzgerald: Eddie is a senior at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, and Swyft’s Denver PR intern. He is moving to Denver after graduation, and is looking forward to experiencing the world of public relations in the Mile High City. As Swyft’s Denver PR Intern, he utilizes social media, blogging, and tech PR activities to support clients. Swyft is a tech PR firm in Austin, Austin, Denver, and Antwerp that provides PR services and trade show PR support for tech companies around the world. Some of the their services include media relations, content and inbound marketing, CPC campaigns, and marketing automation consulting.

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