10 Top PR Firms in Austin

10 Top PR Firms in Austin

Avalon Funk
Avalon Funk
10 Top PR Firms in Austin

Not all PR firms are built the same, and that’s okay! When selecting one to help your business achieve its marketing goals you want to choose a PR firm that best meets your requirements. In a market like Austin where there is no shortage of marketing and communications specialists, it can be difficult to know where to even start looking for that firm. 

To help you in your search for the best PR firm for your business, we’ve put together a list of some of the top PR firms in Austin ranging in services and sectors from non-profit to tech.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Giant Noise

A firm that “specializes in the industry of interesting,” Giant Noise works with clients in hospitality, entertainment, food and beverage industries by assisting with general public relations (strategy, media relations, training, etc.) and social media management. The firm prides itself on its specialized services, such as multicultural outreach and photography.

The PR Boutique

The PR Boutique is a top PR  firm that takes pride in its multigenerational team and knows how to effectively generate a PR campaign both digitally (web development and marketing) and the old-fashioned way (media relations and event planning). The PR Boutique works with multiple sectors and hosts an impressive repertoire, including event marketing, which is highlighted on their website. 



Swyft is a top Austin PR firm that specializes in helping B2B tech startups accelerate growth and generate qualified leads. Swyft provides an integrated approach to building brand awareness by creating “disruptive strategies” that allow clients to stand out in the increasingly crowded tech field. With satellite offices in San Francisco, Denver, and Houston, Swyft also offers services outside of just PR such as web design, content marketing, and marketing automation consulting.


MedVoice PR

MedVoice PR made the top PR firm in Austin list because it almost singularly created healthcare PR as a specialized vertical. Founded by former TV news reporter Emily Schmitz, MedVoice offers integrated PR and marketing communications to medical and healthcare organizations of all sizes. The PR firm works with a wide variety of organizations including hospitals, physician practices, and recovery centers.

Food & Beverage

Apron (Food & Beverage Communications)

Apron is a full-service PR firm dedicated solely to the promotion of culinary businesses. Apron utilizes customized brand storytelling to effectively develop and execute PR strategies, while also using data data-driven analytics and digestible media content to promote growth and protect brand reputations.


Breakaway PR

Breakaway PR is an agency dedicated to the central Texas community with a breadth wide range of PR experience, but a focus on travel, hospitality, nonprofits, the arts, and retail. Services include public relations strategies and execution, community engagement, and media training to allow businesses to make a statement and stay relevant in the Austin Market.

Digital PR

North Star Inbound

Unlike the other firms on this list, North Star Inbound’s focus is on digital and content marketing. The agency creates brand awareness and authority for clients through means of Search Engine Optimization and link building. Brands looking to better position themselves online would benefit from a firm that’s dedicated to effectively promoting material on the ever-changing landscape of the world wide web.

General PR


SnackBox is an agency that looks to improve the big picture by being dedicated to the details. SnackBox works closely with clients to develop and execute a personalized strategy and will continue to develop the plan along the way by providing and using feedback gained through the process to implement changes and increase results.


A mixture of a PR agency and a consulting firm, CAMIO PR primarily focuses on the branding and marketing of businesses and individuals. The agency offers services such as web development and identity design, in addition to entrepreneur coaching.

Momentum Public Relations

Another top PR firm in Austin, Momentum Public Relations serves businesses of all sizes with an array of PR needs. Momentum developed a formula called “momentum=p3r3”, a six-step process that can be molded to fit the needs of each client, and effective plans and executes the PR strategy built for the client.

The best PR firms in Austin is a topic that will forever be in debate. But we hope this list provided you with a head-start as you look for ways to grow your organization’s brand awareness through an effective PR strategy.

About Avalon Funk: Avalon is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Swyft, which has been listed as one of the best PR firms in Austin and a top digital marketing agency in Denver since its founding in 2011. Swyft has satellite offices where it offers PR in San Francisco and Houston.

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