Best Local Coffee Shops Near SXSWi

Best Local Coffee Shops Near SXSWi

Weslie Oeftering
Weslie Oeftering
Best Local Coffee Shops Near SXSWi

If we know anything at PR Over Coffee, it’s the importance of a good cup of joe. Being based in Austin, Texas, we also know SXSWi. We have combined our knowledge of both to present you to you this list of the best indie coffee shops in downtown Austin. Let it be your guide as you search for the perfect place to answer emails and take a break from the hustle and bustle of SXSWi. Don’t worry though, all the shops on this list are within walking distance of the Convention Center, so you’ll never be too far away from all the action. 

Halcyon Coffee

218 W 4th St

The word Halcyon means “carefree, untroubled, peaceful and prosperous.” It’s also a species of bird. Whichever definition you like best, it’s a fitting name for such a unique place. In addition to great espresso pulls, they also serve brunch, quick snacks, and cocktails. There’s nothing like checking email while sipping on a Chocolate Espresso Martini or roasting marshmallows.

The Hideout Coffee House

617 Congress Ave

The Hideout Coffee House is half coffee shop, half improv theater. When you walk in, it looks like any normal coffee house. Wifi, baked goods, the whole nine. But, toward the back of the theater is an improv theater that puts on shows from time to time. So, if you need a break and are looking for a good cup of joe and a good laugh, Hideout is the place to go.

Easy Tiger

709 East 6th St

Similar to how Hideout is half coffee shop, half improv theater, Easy Tiger is coffee shop in the front, beer garden in the back. If that weren’t enough, they probably have the best croissants in Austin. Other than being a nice place to sit and work, their beer garden overlooks a creek that flows right through downtown Austin. It’s a great place to snap a pic if you’re looking to give all your followers some serious FOMO.

Caffe Aragona

914 Congress Ave

With Lavazza’s logo plastered all over their umbrellas and coffee cups, this is the kind of place that Jerry Seinfeld would take his guests on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” If you watch the show, then you know that Jerry Seinfeld knows good coffee. It’s by far the fanciest (and farthest) shop on this list, but it’s well worth the walk or Lyft. They only serve the finest Italian espresso, on one of the finest patios in Austin. If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, then Caffe Aragona is the place to go.

Houndstooth Coffee 

401 Congress Ave

Houndstooth is an Austin staple for those who love working from coffee shops. They have multiple locations to choose from in and around downtown Austin, but the shop in the Frost Tower building is by far the most centrally located. However, because it’s located in one of Austin’s most iconic skyscrapers, it may be a little crowded. If you are looking for a quieter place to work, you may want to go elsewhere.

Caffe Medici

200 Congress Ave

Situated just a block away from the Austin Convention Center, Caffe Medici serves the best french pressed coffee in Central Texas. Like Houndstooth, Caffe Medici is an Austin staple with multiple locations. However, the vibe is a little less stuffy. The baristas aren’t intimidatingly hip and the lighting isn’t as harsh, which is surprising for a shop that’s located in one of the nicest apartment towers in the city. It’s the kind of place where you could sit for hours and still feel welcome.

After reading this list, you may find yourself wondering if it might be easier to just go to Starbucks. But hey! You’re in Austin – arguably the uncontested coffee capital of the South! Do you really wanna spend $7 on a caramel macchiato with a vaguely burnt taste when there is a whole world of small businesses out there to support? Don’t be afraid to break free from the Starbucks mold and take your coffee game to the next level.

About Weslie Oeftering: Weslie is a student at The University of Texas at Austin and Swyft’s resident PR and marketing intern. She supports clients with social media, blogging, and tech PR activities. Swyft is a tech PR firm in Austin with offices in Denver, Houston and Antwerp that provides PR services and trade show media support for tech companies around the world. Some of their services include media relations, content and inbound marketing, CPC campaigns, and marketing automation consulting.

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