When should your startup pitch TechCrunch?

When should your startup pitch TechCrunch?

techcrunch.opengraph.defaultTrying to gain awareness for your startup can seem like an overwhelming task at first. There are so many startups trying to get in the news in hopes of propelling their growth.

Getting featured in a popular tech blog like TechCrunch may seem like a pipe dream at first, but it’s possible if you follow a few tried-and-true steps:   

Your startup is newsworthy

If your startup has been in the news recently, congratulations! Being newsworthy is a sign that your startup might be ready to pitch to TechCrunch. Being newsworthy also means you have the kind of news that TechCrunch wants to share with its millions of readers. Funding announcements tend to make the flashiest announcements, but only if the capital raise is in the millions.

You’re at the front of a trend

If you are trying to pitch TechCrunch about something that happened four months ago, you’re way too late. An app that does something radically new and exciting may also get the attention of a busy TechCrunch blogger — but you have to be first-to-market or somehow radically better or different from the competition if you hope to succeed. If your startup is at the head of a new trend (think augmented reality apps for the new iPhone ecosystem) then you’re more likely to get a TechCrunch blogger’s attention.

You have something valuable to offer

Put yourself in TechCrunch’s shoes. What kind of content do you want to provide to your audience? You’re a blog with a lot of power and influence, so obviously you are holding your content to a high standard. As a startup, this means that what you provide with your pitch must be on your A-game. Make sure you pitch TechCrunch with news that will give them an edge on the competition. For example, you can negotiate an ‘exclusive’ with one of the TechCrunch bloggers to allow her to announce your latest funding round.

You’ve developed a strong pitch

It is better to take time and allow your idea to grow rather than impulsively throwing it at a journalist. TechCrunch receives thousands of pitches daily from companies around the world. If you want to get noticed, dedicate enough time and effort into creating something truly noteworthy. Practice your pitch. Share it with your team for their feedback. It may seem like a hassle to spend hours and hours working on one task, but the reward will be worth it in the end.


About Lauren Usrey: Lauren is a student at the University of Texas at Austin and a marketing communications intern at Manzer Communications. She supports clients with social media, blogging and tech PR activities. Manzer Communications has offices in Austin, Denver and Houston and provides digital marketing and PR services for tech companies seeking rapid, sustained growth. Some of the services provided include content marketing, social media strategy and ad buys, email marketing, and media relations.


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