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What’s the opportunity for a sponsor? PR over Coffee communities will be coming to cities and towns across America. We’re riding a wave of action and energy among small businesses to take control of the news being covered in their local communities. Sponsors who target small businesses, professionals, solopreneurs, and non-profits will have a chance to help these organizations become more successful at branding and gaining media coverage. And you will have their undivided attention at every meet-up you help sponsor. Contact info(@) to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Facts & Figures:

  • Attendance: Between 40 – 80 participants per meet-up
  • Frequency: 12 meet-ups
  • Locations: Austin, Houston and Orange County, CA

Meetup Sponsor LevelsĀ 

  • Single Shot: $250 – 1,000
  • Double Shot: $500
  • Triple Shot: $1,000
  • National Sponsor: contact us at info(@) to learn more.

What you’ll get from sponsoring PR over Coffee:

  • Mentions in the meet-up presentation, including a brief introduction of your organization
  • Logo in video recording of every meet-up, plus an opportunity to purchase a copy of video with your organization’s own logo — and even an interview of you — featured at start of video for your social media marketing updates, branding and search engine optimization
  • Sponsorship mention on local community webpage and Facebook site
  • And more benefits are on the way!

How do you become a sponsor for your community? Contact us today at info(@) before the opportunity is gone. We only accept a select group of sponsors to help us bring the PR over Coffee message of media coverage to small businesses in your local community.

  • There are no upcoming events at this time.
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